Eldredd is a city of around 8,500 people. It’s a fortified city, with crenellated walls and guard towers. Its single main gate is closed when the horn sounds nightfall and remains shut until the dawn bell is rung. Eldredd is a militaristic town populated by mercenaries and warlike adventurers. If a war leader wanted to hire a mercenary force, they might well come here. Of course fighters are only part of the population, but there is a far higher proportion than you would find in your average settlement.

A river runs through the city (north to south) with a stone bridge over it. In the west there is a church and the market is in the east. The main inn ([[The Sword & Shield | The Sword & Shield]]) is to the north of the market, through one of the corner entrances. The market itself has a burgening slave trade with pens in the north and colonades on the east and west sides, with statues on them.

Eldredd is orderly, polite in a plain fashion. People who transgress against others typically die. If someone is killed for an appropriate reason – an insult, perhaps – that’s just fine. Otherwise, you’d better be prepared to defend yourself against those who disagree with you !

The current ruler of the city is a mercenary leader known as Brego. He is impressive human warrior, who is surprisingly intelligent, well educated and good at administration. He has five senior aides, Willem, Alhassan, Tal Summereven, Troch and Jenno. Brego and his aides don’t really make laws, they handle relationships between Eldredd and other governments, and take care of matters that normal city dwellers don’t care to handle themselves. Brego has a small cadre of Githyanki warriors who act as the City Guard, and size up trouble.


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