A Mercenary Gamble

I won't stick to naming rules!


Hidden pasages
The team breaks in, kills some things and Tavic tries to die
Getting the job done
The party meets with Alhasan, plans the attack, goes shopping and gains a new follower
Crunch (not counting battle started last session)
  • Halfling bought by Traven from Dobluth
  • Traven sells Grey Bag of tricks and Flagon of ale procurement – Marlak knows i have all my money but you other guys dont.
  • Joshua becomes a Gith
Fighting on the bridge
When the party realises that giths don't swim

The party leave the merchant quarter, carrying with them all the loot they can scavenge off the dwarves and the body of Luka – who had been knocked out by his own magic. Traven picks up the extra stuff nobody wants (like the crossbows) and everyone heads off for the inn. Inside Dobluth finds that his children have been naughty and, finding those responsible, threatens to maim them. Also inside is Rayne, who appears to be clotheless apart from a cloak – quickly snatched by Shamira as she saw loot. Traven gave Rayne some clothes and weapons as well as giving Shirl 35g in order to free her. The ill ranger, Tavic, wakes up and walks downstairs (past Shamira with a child on her back). The party discusses the options of whether to go after Rayne’s capturers or to hit the Merchants whilst they are down. Having decided to try both in one night the party leaves the tavern and walks towards a pair of guards. Shamira decides it would be fun to run up to the watchmen and become a wolf, whilst others slink off into an alleyway. The fight goes badly until Shamira throws one of the pair into the river and he cannot swim back. Trying very desperately to be a help, Traven runs to the remaining Gith and tells him to do his duty (Traven thought the guards knew that they were on his side). The Gith grabs his sword and attacks. Dobluth, a bit annoyed at Traven, teleports him into the river (real funny man). Marlak does some serious damage to a Gith. Traven tries to jet himself out of the water, yet this does not work but he manages to swim to the edge.

  • 2 lvl 12 (?) githyanki soldiers – one injured and another uninjured (1500xp if beaten) – ends up as one beaten another surrendered – 750xp
  • brooch of no regrets – with shamira (traded with Rayne)
  • 35gp given to Shirl (freedom bought)
  • Rayne loses all items (now owns a hand crossbow, 12 bolts, a hand axe and leather armour giving 1+ to AC)
Encounter with the Shadar-Kai
The party finds itself poorly suited to negotiation ...

The party meets with the merchants in the market at sundown. Bard Traven, hired as a negotiator, tells the Shadar-kai female representing the Razorchefs that he is Luca, killer of Razorshef. Negotiations crumble as the real Luca tells the woman that the party had her followed. Traven is given over to the enemy as a token of goodwill (shouting “I’m not the real Luca”). Traven shouts some magic and the Shadar-Kai punches herself and calls the guards to shoot at her. Battle ensues. Dwarf blood splattered everywhere by an avenger and warden (Shamira Natsuki), with cleric staying well away and swordmage Joshua ‘Dobluth’ Darkheart saving the team from magic.

[The human male bard Traven joins the party. Tavic is unconcious apprently hurt by the magical effects of the dissolution of the demon Conbas, Rayne is missing presumed abducted – Tiefling figure seen bundled into cart by warden.]

Dealing with the Devil
The death of Conbas ...

Dwarves start following the team. 3 pubs visited and information is gleaned about the slave market and gangs. Many small slaves bought by Joshua ‘Dobluth’ Darkheart (he was thinking of using them as a child army or to get healing from – punch the children!) and Shirl bought to ‘save’ her from slavery. Evil demon (Conbas) killed whilst trying to sacrifice a child.

[Shamira Natsuki, a female Warden joins the party – apprently bonded to Tavic.]

  • Skill Challenge: Successful information gathering
  • Killed: Party member Conbas [no xp awarded for this combat]
  • Defeated: Hapless dwarf
  • Obtained: Tavic, Marlak & Shamira receive an additional level six power for their part in the death of Conbas – Tavic receives “Evade ambush”, Marlak receives “Oath of avenging wrath” and Shamira receives “Bear’s endurance”.
Comrades, perhaps ?
Dealing with the aftermath ...

Brego hires team to ‘sort out’ his enemies. Master Razorsheff killed by party after mistake about his daughter and the party ‘buying’ her.

[Etheria is missing presumed abducted. Conbas slinks off to shadier parts of the city.]

  • Negotiated: Successful negotiation with Brego [lvl 5, complexity 3] = party XP 600 = 100 per party member
  • Killed: Master Razorchef [x1 Human Beserker lvl 4] = party XP 175 = 30 per party member
  • Obtained: x5 100gp gems, from dead Githyanki guard – returned these to Brego
Bloody Beginnings
A very dangerous tavern ...

The party enter a tavern in Eldredd, [[The Sword & Shield | The Sword & Shield]] , they observe a group of men at the end of the process of kicking a diseased man to death, one – Luca – shouts out an ill-advised remark. The men turn on the party and attack them for their disrespect, enjoying the assistance of their mascot – a magical iron cobra. In the ensuing brawl, the party kill all the seven men – who seem surprisingly well armed – and the cobra. There is remarkably little reaction from either the other patrons, or the Innkeeper of the Sword & Shield. Tavic undertakes the searching of the bodies, with an enthusiasm the other party members find slightly disturbing. Apart from picking up a minor infection, he finds that the dead iron cobra will function as a rather unusual Dragonslaying Flail . As the adrenaline fades the party size the situation up the situation, and each other.

  • Killed: 2 Human Beserkers [lvl 4], 2 Human Guards [lvl 3], 3 Human Lackeys [lvl 7], 1 Iron Cobra [lvl 6]
  • Obtained: one +2 Cobra Flail [lvl 9 magic weapon], party XP 1125 = 161 per party member
They haven't met yet, but by their various routes they are come to the city ...

An interesting set of folk on the road to Eldredd ...

Some will meet soon, some are fated to encounter the party after it has started to build its reputation:


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