Shamira Natsuki

Your friendly neighbourhood warden.


Unaligned female wild warden.

STR 20 AC 19
CON 10 HP 45
DEX 11 Init +6
INT 10 Speed 6
WIS 18 Insight 16
CHA 10 Perception 21
Fortitude 18 Hammer +9
Reflex 12 Handaxe +9
Will 17 Sunblade +11
Acrobatics 2 Insight 6
Arcana 2 Intimidate 2
Athletics 14 Nature 11
Bluff 2 Perception 11
Diplomacy 2 Religion 2
Dungeoneering 11 Stealth 2
Endurance 4 Streetwise 2
Heal 6 Thievery 2
History 2
Abilities Longtooth Shifting Font of Life Wildblood-Guardian Might Warden’s Fury Warden’s Grasp
Powers Resilience of Life Weight of Earth Wildblood Frenzy Nature’s Wrath Bear’s Endurance Erupting Font Pressing Attack Thunder Step
Equipment Deathcut Leather Armour Throwing Hammer(x5) Light Shield Climber’s Kit Standard Adventurer’s Kit
FEATs Wild Senses Wildblood Cunning Wildblood Fury Form of Mountain’s Thunder

Shamira’s pack are settled in the ruined town of Essembra, situated in the Dalelands. She had a happy childhood with her fellow shifters, living amicably with the humans, half-elves and even some elves of the surrounding settlements. Due to this, she tends toward socialising with these races more than others, although her first instinct is always to befriend whomever she meets. A Dalelands upbringing has contributed to a thorough knowledge of nature, allowing Shamira to re-roll any nature check. A combination of race and nationality has ensured that she will always jump to fiercely defend territory, friends, family or even small communities in danger despite an otherwise peaceful personality. Her idol is her granddad, who chose the path of a Warden many years ago, and refused to leave his nomadic way of life. It did not stop him From visiting his pack when possible; however, and contributed to Shamira’s training, ensuring that she were encouraged by the rest of the pack to work hard, allowing her success to follow in his footsteps. When the time came to exercise her independence 18 months ago, Shamira spent the time travelling, making friends and helping small communities in peril where she found them. Many innocent people of Xorhun could have been wiped out had she not happened by during a particularly fierce battle. Shamira enjoys exploring, and has found her species’ low-light vision useful in her travels. This time spent wandering alone has allowed her to develop her powers more fully. Shamira really will try to befriend all manner of creatures, and has a somewhat wide-eyed, naive view of the world that has left her with little fear. She will trust until that trust is broken, but after her time spent travelling has learned to be a little more wary of certain creatures’ attitudes. As with most Wardens, she does not worship any particular deity, her attentions grasped by the wilds and power of nature. That said, she looks kindly upon gods such as Malar (beasts), Cyrrollalee(friendship), Silvanus(nature) and Kelemvor (a were-panther in mortal life). Shamira is slightly below the average height for a shifter, but is athletic and sturdy. Typically, she has brown skin and hair, with large amber eyes half-hidden by an untamed fringe. Her leather armour is almost black, looking incandescent when protecting her. She has shunned all footwear in favour of the tough skin on her feet. Her Sunblade, ‘Letterbee’, is slung over her back, radiating golden light. It is kept in good condition as she protects it fiercely.

Shamira Natsuki

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