Joshua 'Dobluth' Darkheart

A child of darkness, trained in arcane swordplay


Attributes – Str 10, Con 16, Dex 13, Int 18, Wis 08, Cha 14 : Initiative +7, Speed 6.

Defences – AC 21, Fortitude 16, Reflex 17, Will 17.

Basic Attacks – +10 Lifedrinker Longsword, +9 Dagger.

Passive Perception 11, Passive Insight 18 : Languages Common, Chondathan, Deep Speech, Elven.

Feats – Arcane Familiar (Rat), Intelligent Blademaster, Linguist, Quickdraw.

Class: Swordmage (Forgotten Realms Unique Class)
Class Features – Swordbond, Aegis of Shielding, Swordmage Warding.
Class Powers – Booming Blade, Greenfire Blade, Sword Burst, Foesnare, Whirling Blade, Dimensional Warp, Transposing Lunge, Deep Freeze.

Skills – Acrobatics 3, Arcana 11, Athletics 7, Bluff 4, Diplomacy 4, Dungeoneering 1, Endurance 5, Heal 1, History 11, Insight 8, Intimidate 11, Nature 1, Perception 1, Religion 6, Stealth 5, Streetwise 4, Thievery 3.

Notes: Familiar (Rat) takes the form of a miniature panther, which becomes a tattoo on Joshuas arm when it is not active, and can manipulate objects up to 2lbs in weight.


The son of a human woman in Cormyr who was raped by a Drow Warlock, Joshua grew up with a dark and violent temper which he constantly fought to control. When he became of age, he joined up with the local militia, gaining valuable marital training, but the blood of his fathers people burned within him, making him ill-content with the sedentary life. He also discovered at this point that his mothers family were descended from the fabulous Elven city of Myth Drannor, though much diluted by centuries of interbreeding with the humans of the Dalelands and Cormyr. He turned to a distant relative, an Eladrin Swordmage, who taught him the secrets of the Bladesong, and with that training came an inner peace he had not experienced before.

The intricacies of the Arcane Battle Magic helped him keep his dark urges under control, and also formed a tremendous force to be reckoned with. His Drow ancestry is somewhat revealed by his unusual violet-coloured eyes, and shock of white hair. He also has a number of tattoos, including one of a panther along his sword-arm, which vanishes when he summons his familiar. The familiar itself appears in the form of a tiny, one-foot-long panther. Other tattoos include a phrase in Deep Speech along his shoulderblades ‘Sussun Pholor Dos’ which translates as ‘Light Upon You’, a Drow insult, and an image of the ‘House Insignia’ that his father wore, drawn over his heart, a reminder of his dark heritage, and the quest to find (and kill) his father.

Joshua 'Dobluth' Darkheart

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