A Mercenary Gamble

Encounter with the Shadar-Kai

The party finds itself poorly suited to negotiation ...

The party meets with the merchants in the market at sundown. Bard Traven, hired as a negotiator, tells the Shadar-kai female representing the Razorchefs that he is Luca, killer of Razorshef. Negotiations crumble as the real Luca tells the woman that the party had her followed. Traven is given over to the enemy as a token of goodwill (shouting “I’m not the real Luca”). Traven shouts some magic and the Shadar-Kai punches herself and calls the guards to shoot at her. Battle ensues. Dwarf blood splattered everywhere by an avenger and warden (Shamira Natsuki), with cleric staying well away and swordmage Joshua ‘Dobluth’ Darkheart saving the team from magic.

[The human male bard Traven joins the party. Tavic is unconcious apprently hurt by the magical effects of the dissolution of the demon Conbas, Rayne is missing presumed abducted – Tiefling figure seen bundled into cart by warden.]




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