A Mercenary Gamble

Dealing with the Devil

The death of Conbas ...

Dwarves start following the team. 3 pubs visited and information is gleaned about the slave market and gangs. Many small slaves bought by Joshua ‘Dobluth’ Darkheart (he was thinking of using them as a child army or to get healing from – punch the children!) and Shirl bought to ‘save’ her from slavery. Evil demon (Conbas) killed whilst trying to sacrifice a child.

[Shamira Natsuki, a female Warden joins the party – apprently bonded to Tavic.]

  • Skill Challenge: Successful information gathering
  • Killed: Party member Conbas [no xp awarded for this combat]
  • Defeated: Hapless dwarf
  • Obtained: Tavic, Marlak & Shamira receive an additional level six power for their part in the death of Conbas – Tavic receives “Evade ambush”, Marlak receives “Oath of avenging wrath” and Shamira receives “Bear’s endurance”.



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