A Mercenary Gamble

Bloody Beginnings

A very dangerous tavern ...

The party enter a tavern in Eldredd, [[The Sword & Shield | The Sword & Shield]] , they observe a group of men at the end of the process of kicking a diseased man to death, one – Luca – shouts out an ill-advised remark. The men turn on the party and attack them for their disrespect, enjoying the assistance of their mascot – a magical iron cobra. In the ensuing brawl, the party kill all the seven men – who seem surprisingly well armed – and the cobra. There is remarkably little reaction from either the other patrons, or the Innkeeper of the Sword & Shield. Tavic undertakes the searching of the bodies, with an enthusiasm the other party members find slightly disturbing. Apart from picking up a minor infection, he finds that the dead iron cobra will function as a rather unusual Dragonslaying Flail . As the adrenaline fades the party size the situation up the situation, and each other.

  • Killed: 2 Human Beserkers [lvl 4], 2 Human Guards [lvl 3], 3 Human Lackeys [lvl 7], 1 Iron Cobra [lvl 6]
  • Obtained: one +2 Cobra Flail [lvl 9 magic weapon], party XP 1125 = 161 per party member



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